Even if you have a well-maintained air conditioning system, there’s still a chance that your air conditioning unit will fail completely because of the exceptionally increased workload it has to perform during scorching hot summer months. While it is understandable that you might consider performing air conditioning repair yourself, there are certain AC problems that only a dedicated air conditioner repair company can effectively and safely handle. Here’s a look at some of the more common problems that you might encounter with your AC system that will require professional cooler repair.

Leaks in the refrigerant – Did you know that your refrigerant requires special gear to be handled safely? Not only that, you also need to have a very comprehensive understanding of how refrigerants work and the implications of refrigerant leaks. That is why this is a problem that requires the professional expertise of an air con repair company.

Sensor problems – These are generally classified as electrical problems that require special skills and tools, not to mention a very clear understanding of how these electronic components. You may think that these are no different from the motherboard that you may have in your computer which you have learned to tinker with over time. Believe us, it’s not. One of the reasons why you’ll need a residential air conditioning repair company to handle your sensor problems is that different brands of ACs typically have proprietary sensors that may be different from other brands. You’d have to read the manual of your air con just to have an idea of how the sensors work. Even then, everything will be too technical to fully understand.

Low refrigerant – This is not like the engine cooling system in your car that you simply look for the reservoir and fill it up with the appropriate engine coolant or antifreeze and you’re done. Unfortunately doing a local AC repair on low refrigerant units by simply refilling the canister will not solve the problem. As we already pointed out, your AC’s refrigerant is a complicated system that requires a clear understanding of what it is and how it is best handled.

Failure of the external fan – The external fan of n air conditioning system is what is needed to transfer heat from inside your home outside. If this fails or is showing signs of failure, your AC’s compressor may have to work doubly hard to compensate. In many cases this can lead to tripping of the safety overload or, worse, damage the compressor completely that no amount of meticulous AC system repair will bring it back to life. At best, your only recourse is to buy a new compressor for your unit or, better still, purchase a new air conditioning unit altogether.

Faulty wiring – Whatever you do, if the component that needs some air conditioning unit repair is related to electrical wires, switches, and others, you’d better keep your hands off of your unit because this is a job that’s best left to the pros. You’ll do yourself a favor if you listen to our advice as electrical fires and injuries are no laughing matter.

There are many reasons why you should never engage in AC repair yourself. For the most part, we’re talking about your safety here. The mere fact that the ACU is an exceptionally complicated electronic cooling appliance, one wrong move can easily spell disaster.

Moreover, it will usually take time before you can even begin to start disassembling your AC unit. The technicians of a residential air conditioning repair company can disassemble and reassemble everything with their eyes closed. Of course this is oversimplification but one that will hopefully drive home the point. What this easily translates to is that you can get back to using your air conditioning unit a lot sooner if you let the pros handle the problem.

Speaking of handling the problem, how well do you understand your unit’s compressor, evaporator, and condenser components? How about the coils of tubes and the auxiliary components that it contains? How well-versed are you with each of these parts? This is one of the most fundamental reasons why people would rather have a profession AC system repair provider doing the fixing for them. They have a better grasp of what exactly needs to be done.

The air conditioner is a complicated machine made of complex yet inter-related parts. A thorough understanding of these components is required if one wants to have a more effective air conditioning repair. It is also for this reason that it is best to leave certain aspects of AC repair to the experts.