Keeping your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape especially during the hot summer months is a responsibility of every homeowner. Performing regular and routine maintenance checks is one of the key activities to extending the overall life of your AC while also reducing the risk of very costly repairs. Regrettably, there are certain aspects of AC maintenance that only a highly-qualified residential air conditioning service company can provide. Here are some situations where you will need a good AC service.

AC stops working

The natural reaction of ordinary households for an air conditioning unit that suddenly stops working is to start browsing for the next coolest AC that fits right in their budget. Unfortunately, they fail to check the batteries of the AC’s thermostat or even check the positioning of the thermostat switch. In some cases, the circuit breaker for the AC might also be the culprit. Regardless of how easy these checks might seem, we are essentially talking about electrical components here. Whenever electricity is involved you’re better off hiring the services of an AC repair and service. At any rate, should there be issues aside from the thermostat batteries and the circuit breaker that caused your unit to stop working, they can easily pinpoint the problem and recommend more appropriate solutions.

AC works but it just isn’t cooling the room as it should

There are a variety of reasons why your AC is simply not churning out cold air like it used to. Your appliance is working, but the airflow is simply not cold enough. An air conditioning service can help you narrow down the problem by performing a variety of tests to isolate the problem. It could very well be a problem with the refrigerant leaking out from the system or it could also be a simple issue of never-cleaned filters. Blockage of the external unit can also predispose to a higher-than-usual cooling effect even though the thermostat has already been set to the coolest possible temperature setting. The point is that a hoe airconditioning service technician can help you pinpoint the problem. This saves you a whole lot from making erroneous assumptions as to the possible cause of the problem.

Sometimes the AC blows cold air, sometimes warm

Fluctuations in the temperature of the AC is usually believed to be related to blocked registers and vents as well as poor insulation and leaks in the air conditioning ductwork. There is also possibility that there is an obstruction somewhere in the system. Unless you know where these are located or if you have the right equipment to conduct a very thorough inspection and evaluation of these components you will have a much better chance of identifying and managing the real cause of the problem if you seek the services of a highly reputable and trustworthy air conditioning service company.

Water is dripping

It is normal to think that your air conditioning unit will be dripping with water since the external air is hotter than the one inside, right? Unfortunately, this should not be the case since a lot of things can contribute to water dripping from the AC. One of the most common reasons is that there is a leak somewhere. It could be because of a plugged-up condensate line or even an air filter that has been literally clogged with dirt. Or it could also be because of damage to your AC’s drain pan. Whatever the reason, these must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, if you do not know where to look and what to look for then you’ll possibly miss the problem altogether. Getting an air conditioning repair service to do it for you should address the issue.

There are strange noises coming from the AC

Air conditioning units come with a very distinct hum. That is why if you suddenly hear squealing, screeching, rattling, banging, thumping, clanging, clicking, or even smacking sounds then you know that it’s time to ask yourself, “where can I get an air conditioning service near me?” Not to sound so morbid but these funny and strange noises emanating from your AC can be a simple issue of a loose hardware or it could also be a more serious problem in your aircon motor or even blower assembly. Zeroing-in on the problem is best accomplished by having an HVAC repair service technician make a very thorough assessment of the problem and confirm this by running a variety of diagnostic tests.

Your air conditioning unit is a remarkable machine that requires a certain level of understanding for it to be managed and maintained properly. However, there will always be instances when the services of an air conditioning service and repair company are much better than doing these things yourself.